Retirement advice for seniors to stay happy

Retirement advice for seniors to stay happy

Most of the working people imagine their retirement with wonderful visions of sleeping late each day, permanent vacations. But this is not the reality of all the retired people. Most of the retirement advice is focused mainly on the financial side of retirement. But there are also many “softer issues” that every person needs to consider to have a happy retirement. There is some advice on the retirement plan of a senior person that focused mainly on the way of enjoying happily the retirement but not just paying for it. There is a huge emotional aspect of leaving the workplace and workforce and it can be quite jarring. Many of the new retiree people have a difficult time to do something productive with their new free time. Only a happy retiree can give advice to enjoy the retirement time best. Plan for 2020 and get a supplement quote at

A comprehensive plan for retirement addresses health, money, family, life goals and many other social issues. For many of the people, their identity tied generally in the concept that “what you do”. This thing completely changes after retirement and for many of the retiree, the retirement time lasts for 25 to 30 years.

There is some advice for a happy retirement:

Do something you are passionate about, rather than just retiring from work. People who retire with the plan to do something that excites them are happiest in retirement. You should have a game plan to motivate and keep you busy. 65 is not just the age to take rest in the home but you can do what makes you happy, pursuing a hobby or passion. Continue to work and stay engaged is important with your regularly scheduled programs. It will give you a sense of purpose. You will get your own reason to start a new day with new hope even after retirement.

Taking care of your own health is important. Keep moving and stay fit always. You can pursue some exercise. Manage your health in a disciplined and regular manner as you manage the financial planning for health. Have a plan for your health care costs. It generally increases with time as people get older. This is best to get an insurance policy for health to compensate that huge expenses. Establishing a strong network of friends and family is the best way to keep yourself happy. A strong social connection is not the source of happiness for you but they can be your helping hand while you are in good health condition.